Cultural Vibe 2005

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01.  Speech Defect – Favourite Waste Of Time
02.  Dutchmassive – My Own Shit
03.  Edan – Funky Rhymin’
04.  Faze-O – Riding High (Edit)
05.  Thes One & J-Live – Give It Up
06.  Giant Panda – With It
07.  Blocquera – Shine On
08.  Ugly Ducking – Get Ready
09.  Young Einstein & Zaakir – Have And Have Nots
10.  Speech Defect – Amusing/Amazing
11.  Lightheaded – Blink Of An Eye
12.  Eddie Drennon – Do What You Gotta Do (Edit)
13.  This Kid Named Miles & Medusa – New Definition
14.  DJ Day – What Planet What Station
15.  DJ Format feat. Abdominal – Rap Machine
16.  Ripple – A Funky Song (Edit)

This is a special mix from 2005 that I did for DJ Benny Ben’s Cultural Vibe show on WDBM Impact 89FM, Michigan State University college radio in East Lansing:

Unfortunately, I no longer have the recording of what went out over the airwaves that night (4/2/2005)…

The Faze-O, Eddie Drennon, and Ripple songs are the parts where Benny Ben and I got on the mic to run down the tracklist, do the mandatory station ID’s, discuss random Hip Hop nonsense, etc.  I did special edits of those three songs ahead of time (i.e., “Riding High“, “Do What You Gotta Do“, and “A Funky Song“) and strategically placed them throughout the mix so that we could have time to talk.

My homie and partner from the Kinelo’s days, Eduardo Scizzahandz, was also there.  He brought his tables and got on the mix late in the night:

DJ Benny Ben also got busy on the one’s and two’s.  He always plays the dope rap stuff and is super good at rockin’ doubles.

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