Hip Hop Junkies April 2001

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01.  Edan feat. Father Time – You Suck
02.  Scarub – Savvy Traveler
03.  People Under The Stairs – Tour Guide
04.  Sound Providers feat. Grap Lover – Who Am I?
05.  Rise feat. Wordsworth – Memories
06.  Example – We Write The Songs
07.  J-Zone – Zone For President
08.  Edan – Syllable Practice
09.  Murs – 24 Hrs. w/ A G
10.  Substantial – Remembering Dave
11.  Apathy feat. Celph Titled – Compatible
12.  Edan feat. Mr. Lif – Rapperfection
13.  Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – Devotion ’92
14.  J-Live – Them That’s Not
15.  Scarub – Wishful Thinking

Hip Hop Junkies was a series of sampler mixtapes that I made for my friends… but mostly for myself.  This was the type of Rap music that I was really feelin’ back in the mid 1990’s and all the way through to the mid 2000’s.  In Japan, they called this stuff “Jazzy Hip Hop”, “Jazz Hop”, etc.

These were not complex, tracked mixes.  These were simple mixes, one-take per side, recorded live.  The focus was on the music, and not on the technical aspects.  I wanted to show how global this music had actually become, and how good the quality of this stuff was becoming.  These tapes included local acts from Detroit and Chicago, as well as groups from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, etc.

April 2001 was the third “Hip Hop Junkies” mixtape.  No local groups or children’s records this time around.  Just good music!

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