Let’s Get Together Vol. 2

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0:00:14  Stage  Clear/Get A Weapon (1990, from the game Mega Man 3)
0:00:51  Moonstarr – Movin’ On [Remix] (2002)
0:06:08  Jacques Dutronc – Le Responsable (1969, France)
0:08:31  Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes The Judge (1968)
0:11:08  First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (1977)
0:18:37  Cloe Martin – Life Race (1974, Detroit)
0:22:41  Daedelus – Something Bells (2004)
0:27:43  Gypsy – Here (In The Garden) [Pt. 2] (1971)
0:32:19  Edan – Beauty (2005)
0:35:53  Prefuse 73 feat. Daedelus – Busy Signal (2003)
0:37:39  Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (1972)
0:42:09  Adventure Time feat. Saul Williams – Sent From Sandy Shores (2003)
0:45:09  Yumi Arai – Anata Dake No Mono (1974, Japan)
0:49:09  Lonnie Liston Smith – We Can Dream (1978)
0:53:58  Sterling Void – It’s All Right (1987, Chicago)
1:00:47  Paul McCartney – Secret Friend (1980)
1:11:06  Password (1990, from the game Mega Man 3)
1:11:50  Kalinga’s People’s Revolutionary Army (1988, from the movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka)

Volume 2 features French 60’s Rock, New York Disco classics, Psyche/Prog Rock, Japanese 70’s Funk, Chicago House classics, and a strange, very contemporary-sounding Paul McCartney song from 1980!

Every year in Michigan, around September-October, when the weather starts getting cold, the leaves begin to change color, and the hours of daylight get shorter and shorter, my taste in music also begins to change.  I find myself being drawn to certain types of songs that have a particular mood or vibe.

Back in the Fall season of 2005, I began to compile these songs and capture them in a mix format, a la “Let’s Get Together”.  The track selection is spread out across many different genres and eras of music, and the songs are typically ones that wouldn’t normally be associated with me.  Some people might be surprised to learn that I listen to some of this stuff and actually like it!

The “Let’s Get Together” mixes are like my own personal snapshots of favorite things that I have discovered or been exposed to within the last 10-12 months.  The mixes mostly contain music, but there’s also some dialogue from movies that had an impact on me, and little interludes from various albums that were interesting to me.

Although the first five volumes of “Let’s Get Together” were already featured on the old Hello Friends site (RIP), I am including them on my site as well.


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