Cultural Vibe 2002

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01.  Starving Artists Crew – Four Square (Thes One Remix Instrumental)
02.  Serch – Contact
03.  Nova Cain – Seven Steps
04.  Sound Providers – Yes Y’all
05.  Asheru & Blue Black – Elevator Music
06.  Emanon feat. Dr.oop – Detour
07.  Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Back On The Block (P.U.T.S. Los Angeles Get Down Mix)
08.  Mad Kap – Proof Is In The Puddin’
09.  7L & Esoteric – Protocol
10.  Masterminds – Time And Space
11.  Sound Providers – The Field
12.  Thes One feat. Double K – Rhymin’ With The Bonz
13.  Yall So Stupid – Van Full Of Pakistans (Spearhead X Remix)
14.  Original Flavor – Way Wit Words
15.  Serch – Melissa
16.  Shing02 – Luv(sic.)
17.  Sound Providers feat. Grap Luva – Who Am I?
18.  Raw Produce – Step Inside The Lab
19.  Constant Deviants – Can’t Stop
20.  Quinton – I’m Not An MC
21.  DJ Shadow feat. Gift Of Gab – Count And Estimate
22.  Funky DL – People Don’t Stray
23.  Pase Rock – The Old Light
24.  Get Open – Here And Now (Remix)
25.  Bored Stiff – Peacefull Rotations
26.  Original Flavor – Brainstorm
27.  Edan – Dope Rhymes For Sure
28.  Ugly Duckling – Do Your Thing
29.  Positive K – Step Up Front
30.  Big Daddy Kane – Stop Shammin’
31.  Edan – Drop Some Smooth Lyrics
32.  Ugly Duckling – Just A Little Salsa (P.U.T.S. Remix)
33.  Chi-Ali – Funky Lemonade (Remix Instrumental)
34.  Adanya Freestyle
35.  Brainstorm Freestyle
36.  Fifty Grand Freestyle
37.  IQ Freestyle
38.  SP Freestyle

This was a recording of one my many live guest appearances on the Cultural Vibe radio show on WDBM Impact 89FM, Michigan State University college radio in East Lansing.  The host at the time was DJ Benny Ben (“your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ”).

Here’s a picture of me from that night, with the obligatory cheap Hip Hop shirt to show everyone how underground I was.  The back of it read: “When shoelaces were fat and Michael Jackson was black“.

My DJing skills were pretty mediocre that night, but since I liked the track selection and how varied the song selection was, I decided to put this out as a bonus CD to my “Hip Hop Junkies May 2002” mix.

Check out some of my other Cultural Vibe guest mixes here and here!


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  1. Hey man! I hope all is well! I have been finding some awesome guest appearance tapes of you and the SAC from the Vibe with me hosting. 1999 – 2001 stuff so far. Cool with you if I post some on Facebook, or my site? Hit me up at, or give me a ring back on the phone. Peace!

    1. Benny Ben!!! Hey man, go ahead and post them to Facebook, your site, etc. And you can use any of the Cultural Vibe stuff that I put up on my site as well… I feel that those recordings of the shows are just as much yours as they are mine! I’m so grateful for the many opportunities that you provided me and the SAC, and all of the times you let us be on air. We definitely had a lot of fun!

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