Starving Artists Crew “Efil4cas”

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01.  Got It Like That (Demo)

02.  SAC Chasers (Demo)

03.  Microfon Mystics (Demo)

04.  Bound To Ike (Demo)

05.  Efil4cas (Demo)

06.  Soul Patrol (Demo)

07.  Keep It Movin’ (Demo)

“Efil4cas” is a compilation of unfinished songs that the Starving Artists Crew recorded in 2005 for a second album that never came out…

Early in 2005, the Starving Artists Crew began recording songs for their second album… a follow up to their debut “Up Pops The SAC“.  The tracked sessions for some of these songs were given to me so that I could start mixing them down, adding scratches and vocal samples, making post-production tweaks, and getting them ready for mastering.

By late summer/fall of 2005, however, recording for a potential second album had stopped.  SP had moved out to Los Angeles.  Brainstorm moved out to Arizona a little bit later.  And IQ remained in Detroit.  They mutually agreed to call it quits as a recording group, while still remaining close friends.

A few years later, I decided to compile the songs (i.e., that were recorded for the second Starving Artists Crew album) so that I could listen to them on my iPod from time to time.  Since most of these songs were unfinished, many of them didn’t even have names yet!  So I took some liberties with some of the track names, as well as with the album name “Efil4cas”.

One of the songs on “Efil4cas”, an interlude called “Bound To Ike”, was actually recorded in 2003 for the “Up Pops The SAC” album.  SP and I did not want “Game Of Steel” on “Up Pops The SAC”.  We felt that the track was completely out of sync with the rest of the music on the album, and we got a reluctant IQ to record “Bound To Ike” for us.  Although SP and I liked “Bound To Ike” a lot better than “Game Of Steel” (and we lobbied hard for it to be on the album), IQ was adamant about “Game Of Steel”.  In the end, IQ won out and “Game Of Steel” appeared on “Up Pops The SAC”.

As you listen to the songs on “Efil4cas”, please remember that these are unfinished, rough demo versions.  None of them have any scratches or vocal samples, and many of them don’t even have choruses!  But I feel that Starving Artists Crew fans deserve to hear them…

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      1. Aww, you would have made it on VH1 behind the music if you did marry that 4oolb woman. Glad your still alive and thinking about music.

  1. I could know about The biography of SAC and Japan Tour on The page of “Old School Hip Hop”.

    Such as, The detail that SAC met Thes One, The reason that IQ didn’t have a mic in JPN, Nujabes(RIP) invited SAC, and so on.
    I enjoyed to read this page.

    I am happy that I appear in the page of Kyoto Live. Thanks for your kindness.

    I feel that I met SAC again by efil4cas.
    SAC is immortal forever!!

    1. Hi Koichi! Thanks for stopping by and your continued support of the SAC! I’m glad to have met you in Kyoto. Japan was great!!

      I hope that you and your wife are doing good, and that your child is in good health.

      p.s. “Elif4cas” is “SAC for life” spelled backwards…

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