Thaden’s Death Mix

Download Thaden’s Death Mix (right click and select “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…”), or listen here:


0:00:00  Figure – This Is Halloween
0:01:56  Urban Assault – Halloween
0:03:23  Figure – Zombies (VIP Edit)
0:04:31  Dub Foundation – The Return
0:05:48  Steppa & Kitcha – Jaws
0:07:16  Figure – Frankenstein
0:08:43  Figure – Super Mega Death Ray (Drumstep Mix)
0:10:33  Figure – Aliens (VIP Edit)
0:12:00  Datsik – Firepower (Levela Remix)
0:14:09  Gein & Blaqcix – Definition
0:15:18  FS & Reid Speed – Bass Monster (Calvertron Remix)
0:16:24  Specimen A – Flying Saucer
0:18:36  Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fu Manchu (Drum & Bass Mix)
0:20:48  Jayline & Vast – The Mummy
0:22:38  Figure & Gangsta Fun – The Mummy (VIP Edit)
0:24:05  Cazzette – The Shining
0:25:22  Specimen A – Midnight Howl
0:27:10  Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf
0:27:55  Figure – Monster’s Revenge
0:30:38  Killer Buddah – Within The Woods
0:33:19  Killer Buddah – Big Foot
0:34:17  Captain Panic! – Screamer (VIP Mix)
0:34:58  Datsik & Bare – King Kong
0:36:34  Figure – Leather Face (Captain Panic! Remix)
0:38:21  Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead
0:39:19  Figure – Boogie Man (Oblivion Remix)
0:41:08  Killer Buddah – Paranormal
0:41:56  Killer Buddah – The Evil Dread
0:42:51  Specimen A – Jaws
0:45:22  Figure – Mr. Hyde
0:46:23  Zeds Dead – The Twilight Zone
0:47:46  Figure – The Werewolf (VIP Edit)
0:49:45  Figure – Beetlejuice (Drumstep Mix)
0:52:59  DJ Yoda & Biz Markie – Haunted House

I made “Thaden’s Death Mix” in October 2011 as a giveaway at a Halloween birthday party that my friend had for his son (that’s him on the cover art!).  You should be able to guess by the cover and tracklist that this is a horror/sci-fi themed mix.  It starts out with Drumstep, goes into some Drum & Bass, back to Drumstep, then to Electro House, into a lot of Dubstep, back to some Drumstep, and ends with some good old fashioned Rap.

For this mix, I edited and chopped up almost every single song.  I took entire bars of music and vocal samples from various spots in a song and dropped them in wherever it gave the track some much needed energy or an extra boost of hypeness.  I only kept the good parts, discarded the rest, and tried to keep it moving!

I must confess… I am no longer into this particular style of Drumstep and Dubstep, especially the stuff coming out of the USA.  I was into it back in 2010 and throughout most of 2011, but I’ve been bored of it ever since making “Thaden’s Death Mix”.  To read my old man grumblings and rants regarding Drumstep and Dubstep, check out my “D&B: Best Of 2008” post.

There were a lot of songs that I couldn’t figure out how to make work in “Thaden’s Death Mix”, so I had to cut them from the track selection.  Also, there have been some more songs that have come out recently that would’ve worked for “Thaden’s Death Mix”… But instead of making another mix or monkeying around with the original, I’ve decided to include some of the songs here in a Bonus Pack:

Download Thaden’s Death Mix Bonus Pack (Unmixed)
•  1UP – Zombie Brains
•  Balboa – Tonight Is Halloween
•  dB Cooper – The Dungeon Master
•  DJ Complex – Boogyman
•  DJ Fresh – Elm Street
•  DJ Vengeance – Dead Evil (Dub Peddla Drumstep Remix)
•  Drastik Measures – Mutant
•  Dub Peddla – Jig Saw
•  Ed Solo & Deekline feat. DJ Concept – Ghost Town
•  Figure – The Phantom
•  Heavy Hittahz – Vampires
•  Kiss Kris – Zombies!
•  Matta – Who’s Afraid Of The Dark
•  Mugabe – Werewolves On Wheels
•  Richie August – Horror Step
•  Shufunk feat. Heavy Hittahz – Carnival Of Death
•  Skorpio – Friday The 13th (Mayhem VIP)
•  Skorpio – Women Hungry Gorillas
•  Tyke – Nightmares
•  Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse
•  Yellow Bastard – Bloody Pit Of Horror


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