While You Were Sleeping 20

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0:00:00__The Comet Is Coming – Astral Flying (2019, London-UK)
0:04:21__NameBrandSound (IG Culture & Alex Phountzi) – Gigolos (2014, London-UK)
0:07:02__Shafiq Husayn featuring Fatima & Jimetta Rose – On Our Way Home (2019, Los Angeles-CA)
0:11:19__Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven – Where Did The Night Go? (2020, Chicago-IL)
0:13:45__Obongjayar – Never Change (2018, London-UK)
0:17:17__30/70 – Backfoot (2019, Melbourne-AU)
0:20:17__Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman (2018, Toronto-UK)
0:23:01__Hiatus Kaiyote – Nakamarra (2012, Melbourne-AU)
0:27:36__Mbongwana Star featuring Konono NÂș1 – Malukayi (2015, Kinshasa-DRC)
0:33:16__Oscar Jerome – Subdued (2018, London-UK)
0:37:58__Scrimshire featuring Joshua Idehen & Chip Wickham – Theme For Us (2019, London-UK)
0:44:23__Rosie Lowe – Apologize (2019, Leeds-UK)
0:47:28__Ross From Friends – John Cage (2018, London-UK)
0:51:45__Joe – MPH (2017, London-UK)
0:54:16__Yakul – Blossoming (2019, Brighton-UK)
0:58:45__Miink – Who Are You? (2018, London-UK)
1:01:52__Charlotte Dos Santos – Harvest Time (2019, Oslo-NO)
1:05:36__Emma-Jean Thackray – Movementt (2020, London-UK)
1:08:18__1010 Benja SL – Boofiness (2017, Kansas City-MO)
1:14:15__KOKOROKO – Uman (2019, London-UK)
1:18:29__Moses Sumney – Don’t Bother Calling (2017, Asheville-NC)
1:22:15__Nat Birchall – Keep The Light Shining (2010, Manchester-UK)
1:29:41__Seinabo Sey – Outlines (2011, Stockholm-SE)
1:34:02__Jam City – How We Relate To The Body (2012, London-UK)
1:37:55__Up High Collective – Dealing (Blatan’s Jazzy VIP) (2013, Leuven-BE)
1:39:45__The Steoples – From The Otherside (2017, Los Angeles-CA)
1:43:26__Little Dragon – Butterflies (2017, Gothenburg-SE)
1:48:33__Brainstory – Peter Pan (2019, Rialto-CA)
1:51:13__Binker Golding – Strange-Beautiful Remembered (2019, London-UK)
1:56:37__Stray – Blink (2017, London-UK)

I’m selfish. There, I said it. I listen to a bunch of different types of music and I still buy a lot of vinyl records, but I keep it all to myself because a.) I’m lazy, b.) uninspired, c.) an old has-been who never-was, or d.) all of the above. And that’s not even factoring in the negative effect COVID-19 has had on my interest in doing anything musically creative…

My latest “issue” of While You Were Sleeping is my attempt at getting back into the swing of things, with a mix of soul, jazz, afrobeat, acoustic, house, drum & bass, and footwork/juke. And I made a conscious effort to stay away from artists that most people in USA are already familiar with (e.g., your Kamasi Washingtons, Robert Glaspers, Anderson .Paaks, Solanges, SZAs, etc.) My goal here was to seamlessly go from one song to the next–and to go from one genre or style of music to the next–all while going full circle with the BPMs–over the span of a 2 hour mix (e.g., I start out the mix around 80BPM and end the mix around 160BPM).

Naturally, there are hundreds of songs that I wanted to include in this mix, so you’ll just have to settle with listening/watching some of the ones that I left out. But don’t get it twisted… I still love all of the following songs equally (i.e., as the ones I included in While You Were Sleeping)… I just couldn’t see myself torturing you all with yet ANOTHER 4-hour mix:


Before I go, I want to give a brontosaurus-sized shout out to Jackson David (from Rio de Janeiro-BR) for the amazing photograph that I used for the cover art. His picture was essential to making this mix complete. It visually expressed the right mood/tone of the mix, and tied everything together for this latest “issue” of While You Were Sleeping!

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